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Limelight Networks Reports More Than 6X Efficiency Improvement and 15 Percent Carbon Footprint Reduction across Global CDN


Customer Satisfaction Scores at Highest Levels on Record

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a global leader in digital content delivery, today announced that the average amount of data delivered per unit of power (Megabits per second per Watt) has increased by over 600 percent year-over-year across its content delivery network (CDN).

As part of its commitment to improve server efficiency through software optimization while providing increased reliability and capacity for customers, Limelight has also reduced its carbon footprint by 15 percent at data centers around the world.

“We have a winning strategy for fulfilling our corporate responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and achieving great customer satisfaction as we improve our operational and financial performance. We’re proud of our contribution to reduce the global carbon footprint. We believe today’s announcement underscores the effort of our operations, engineering, research and development teams in helping us maintain one of the most energy efficient and greenest CDN’s on the planet,” said Bob Lento, Limelight Networks CEO.

To meet customer delivery requirements, Limelight has increased network capacity and expanded its global Points of Presence (PoP). Along with these investments, the company has set record-breaking levels to-date for overall traffic, peak bandwidth and petabytes delivered. Over the last year, efficiency has consistently improved through the use of new server technology, consolidating server locations, and software innovation. The resulting reduction in power consumption has reduced Limelight’s overall carbon footprint by 15 percent year-over-year even as traffic and capacity increased significantly.

At the same time, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high at Limelight. The company has improved its overall Net Promoter Score by over 70 points since 2013 and reduced its support ticket count by 37 percent over 2016.

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