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New Book – Recommend This! – Helps Organizations Optimize Digital Experiences


Limelight Networks’ Kirby Wadsworth and Jason Thibeault offer practical advice on improving engagement with digital audiences

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Limelight Networks (NASDAQ:LLNW) CMO Kirby Wadsworth and Senior Director of Marketing Strategy Jason Thibeault today launched a new book: Recommend This! Delivering Digital Experiences that People Want to Share (Wiley). The book offers help for organizations seeking to drive better online audience engagement. The authors outline a set of simple, crisp and actionable steps that organizations can take to create and strengthen prospect and customer relationships at scale using digital technologies. The book also offers a clear method for quantifying the value of those relationships.

Recommend This! provides the insights organizations need to improve digital audience experiences. With digital now becoming the first stop on a buyer’s journey, Wadsworth and Thibeault’s book offers a guide on how to increase audience size and value by focusing on relationships as a means to a successful business strategy. Leveraging their experience working with Limelight customers to deliver exceptional digital experiences that result in better engagement with digital audiences, the authors provide guidelines on how to use digital strategies to capture a buyer’s attention, build trust and begin two-way conversations that lead to long term relationships.

“One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is getting and keeping the attention of digital audiences, and the way to do that is to build long term personal human relationships with prospects, clients, subscribers, viewers and anyone else the organization interacts with online,” said Wadsworth. “Recommend This! provides an easy to digest guide to driving business results today.”

One of the concepts explored in the book is measuring and optimizing the relationship value of each individual, and thus maximizing the positive value of the organization’s entire relationship network. “Understanding the value of a digital relationship can be complex, which is why we developed the Relawatt barometer to make it easier for organizations to determine which relationships they should invest in, and which people in a network have the most 'potential energy' to have a meaningful impact on a business,” Thibeault said.

Limelight Networks provides cloud services that ensure that digital content such as websites, applications, videos, songs, movies, software, games and more is delivered with exceptional quality and performance to any device, ensuring organizations of all types optimize and deliver exceptional digital experiences to their audiences worldwide.

Recommend This! is available now from, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. For more information, visit

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