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ASETEK - Receives Order of RackCDU Liquid Cooling System


January 16, 2014 – Asetek® announced today that it has received a purchase order for its RackCDU™ data center liquid cooling system from an undisclosed leader in quantitative investing and trading. The order includes the retrofitting of a full rack of HP Proliant SL230 servers with RackCDU D2C™ (Direct-to-Chip) liquid cooling.   This evaluation system is expected to be deployed with testing initiated in Q1. The evaluation has the potential to develop into a significantly larger retrofit of an entire datacenter, as well as new installations, using Asetek’s RackCDU.

“Although our primary business model is not to sell to end users or do retrofits, there are exceptions when we see large opportunities like this that could end up in significant revenue and create potential new business for OEM customers”, said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. “I consider this another significant brick in the wall for our long term OEM vision. By creating end user demand, we are creating demand for the OEM and vice versa.”

RackCDU is Asetek’s innovative hot water, direct-to-chip, data center liquid cooling technology, which removes heat from CPUs, GPUs, memory modules and other hot spots within the servers with an all-liquid path and rejects it into ambient outdoor air without chilling. As validated recently by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, RackCDU enables cooling savings in excess of 50%, density increases of 2.5x to 5x, and recovery of all the server energy removed by RackCDU for reuse in facility heating and cooling.

About Asetek

Asetek is the world leading provider of energy efficient liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations, gaming and high performance PCs. Its products are used for reducing power and greenhouse emissions, lowering acoustic noise, and achieving maximum performance by leading OEMs and channel partners around the globe.

Asetek’s products are based upon its patented all-in-one liquid cooling technology with more than 1.5 million liquid cooling units deployed in the field. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark with offices in California, China and Taiwan. For more information, visit

For further information, please contact:
André S. Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +1 408 398 7437, e-mail: 

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