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ASETEK - Mandatory Notification of Trade


21 March, 2014 - David Garcia, VP and General Manager, Datacenter Business Unit, and primary insider of Asetek A/S ("Asetek" or the "Company") yesterday acquired 5,000 shares in Asetek A/S at a price of NOK 38.00 each from the open market. Following the transaction Mr. Garcia holds a total of 9,560 shares in the Company, up from 4,560 shares prior to the transaction. In addition, Mr. Garcia holds 145,727 warrants and options to buy shares in the Company.

For further information, please contact:

Andre S. Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +1 408 398 7437, e-mail:

Peter Dam Madsen, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +1 408 813 4147, e-mail: 

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