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LimelightSITE(TM) Maximizes Total Website Performance


Limelight Networks(R) introduces an integrated solution that helps site operators increase engagement and lower total cost of ownership

TEMPE, Ariz., March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) today introduced LimelightSITE, a new service that can increase visitor loyalty, reduce operating costs, and provide a consistent web experience from any geography. The service, currently in use by over 100 customers in the enterprise, e-commerce, financial, and public sectors, is designed to accelerate the performance and lower the unit cost of delivering static, dynamic, and rich media content.

"Everyday, more enterprises are deploying interactive and dynamic content assets to build stronger customer relationships. With LimelightSITE, we are enabling this growing business trend with a new service that accelerates whole web site delivery with the same quality and performance as the rich media services for which Limelight Networks is already known and respected," said David Hatfield, senior vice president, Limelight Networks, Inc.

LimelightSITE speeds the delivery of web sites by sending content at "CDN speed" - directly from the edge to the end-user without routing it over the often congested, public Internet. This is accomplished using Limelight Networks' global platform, which directly connects over 9 petabytes of storage capacity to over 900 last-mile access networks around the world.

Additionally, LimelightSITE speeds the retrieval of site objects from a data center using Limelight OriginDirect(TM) routing technology. This technology helps to bypass "middle-mile" Internet bottlenecks by routing requests over Limelight Networks' private, global fiber-optic backbone. Additionally, Limelight Networks offers an option for customers to directly connect their originating servers to this backbone. By avoiding the public Internet, OriginDirect enables a highly reliable, direct path to an originating server for retrieving static, dynamic, cacheable, or uncacheable content.

For marketers, LimelightSITE can help establish a more effective one-to-one relationship with customers, partners, and prospects. The service makes it easy to create community or engage in two-way dialogues with customers by incorporating social networking, customer-generated video, on-demand training modules, live corporate events, or rich web applications into a micro-site or online brand presence - without the traditional trade-off of slower site performance. Improving web site experience can also increase return-on-investment by reducing other costs: for example, self-serve training videos can reduce call center volume while increasing customer satisfaction.

For IT departments, LimelightSITE can reduce internal network infrastructure and build-out costs while keeping valuable internal resources focused on important business priorities. Site operators can offload storage, delivery, management, and network optimization functions to Limelight Networks' global, scalable, high-performance edge hosting platform and benefit from increased site availability.

Features of the LimelightSITE package include:

    --  Five terabytes transfer per month or 150 MBits/second throughput;
    --  Fast retrieval of content over Limelight Networks' private
        fiber-optic backbone using OriginDirect technology;
    --  Direct object delivery to over 900 last mile networks through Limelight
        Networks' global platform,
    --  Redundant storage services, up to 250 GB;
    --  Small-object  optimization, including persistent connections, object
        compression, and TTL overrides;
    --  Site protection features, including origin failover and load balancing;

    --  Advanced reporting and management through the LimelightEXCHANGE
        Premium(TM) portal, including aggregation reports and RSYNC services;

Limelight Networks also offers additional services and products for the enterprise customer, including LimelightPS(TM) integration and professional services, which provides capabilities for designing, building and managing best-in-class web infrastructure; LimelightSUPPORT Premium(TM), which provides expedited access to the services of one or more dedicated tier-two engineers; SSL support for secure delivery of content; a download manager for electronic software distribution; and a cache fill optimizer that provides on-network connectivity for originating servers.

LimelightSITE will be available in April 2009. Visit the Limelight Networks Resource Center for a video discussion with David Hatfield, quoted in this release, about Limelight Networks' services for the enterprise.

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