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Limelight Networks(R) Introduces XD, the Company's Next-Generation Global Network Platform


TEMPE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 10/05/09 -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLNW) today introduced XD, the next-generation of the company's global network platform, which adds new patent-pending Adaptive Intelligence to its massively scaled infrastructure. Also today, in a separate announcement, the company unveiled LimelightDELIVER XD(TM) and LimelightCONTROL XD(TM) -- new services that take advantage of Adaptive Intelligence to provide advanced levels of control, performance, and insight into real-time delivery conditions.

"Content and applications are moving beyond the PC to smartphones, TVs, gaming consoles, widgets, and other connected devices. With each device having its own unique characteristics, the historical industry approach of selecting the right server is no longer enough to achieve maximum performance on a consistent basis," said Nathan Raciborski, co-founder and chief technology officer, Limelight Networks, Inc. "With XD, we are combining network innovations and advanced software to actively manage each object delivery in real-time on a per-connection basis, ensuring a brilliant user experience across a wide variety of devices, even under extreme and changing network conditions."

XD represents an evolution of the Limelight Networks' operating environment, the software that for over eight years has powered the company's content delivery service. XD expands this environment beyond delivery to include storage, analytics and computing subsystems that will support future value-added services. The launch of the new platform represents more than two years of research and development by the company's engineering team, and thousands of hours of internal and field testing with customers.

Adaptive Intelligence

At the heart of the XD Platform is Adaptive Intelligence, a new software layer that harnesses the collective power of the company's globally distributed computing resources to actively manage the delivery of every object in real-time. Using data collected about the unique conditions (such as content type, network connection, and user location) surrounding each delivery request, Adaptive Intelligence dynamically adjusts settings at the edge server to streamline and accelerate each specific delivery.

Customers who choose new Limelight delivery services based on the XD platform will see overall performance improvements in speed, consistency of delivery, and experience quality. They will also gain unique insights into real-time Internet conditions which will help them increase conversion rates, lengthen viewing or gaming times, and provide higher-quality end-user experiences. Additionally, customers will have the choice to use these new services for one segment of their content library, and use standard delivery for another segment.

The patent-pending Adaptive Intelligence layer includes four innovative new technologies:

--  Protocol Maximization, a patent-pending technique that dynamically
    adjusts in real-time the parameters of Internet-standard protocols on a
    connection-by-connection basis. These parameters are adjusted by factors
    including the location of the user, network conditions (such as congestion)
    at that moment, and the characteristics of the content being requested. For
    customers, Protocol Maximization enables faster, more consistent delivery
    of objects even in the most difficult of network conditions.

--  Globally Distributed User Agents, small programs deployed in nearly
    every last mile network that collect real-time data about Internet
    conditions. Data collected by over 8 million of these agents worldwide is
    then used in Protocol Maximization to dynamically adapt how Limelight
    delivers each object. For customers, these User Agents also provide
    detailed insight into the end-user experience through the Limelight
    Networks user portal.

--  Dynamic Origin, a technique which replicates origin content closer to
    the cache inside Limelight Network's private network. This technique
    protects a customer's origin against overload while improving
    responsiveness when a Limelight delivery center does not have a cached copy
    of the file to send to end users.

--  Custom Cache Hierarchies, a technique which expedites the transfer of
    content to the edge by providing a uniquely tailored "map" through the in-
    network cache hierarchy. Maps are configured based on the location and
    diversity of the customer's origin servers, the location and distribution
    of the customer's users, and the customer's content demand and library
    access patterns.

Adaptive Intelligence software operates entirely within Limelight's globally distributed platform, and has no publisher, last-mile operator, or end-user dependencies. New services taking advantage of the Adaptive Intelligence layer will be denoted by an "XD" suffix, such as in LimelightDELIVER XD, also announced today.

For more information about the XD Platform, visit: For a white paper explaining the innovative Adaptive Intelligence approach, visit: (

Safe-Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning the company's operations and use of acquired and newly developed technology and intellectual property. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially including, risks associated with the integration of acquired business operations and other risks described in the company's quarter report on Form 10Q and other periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company assumes no duty or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements for any reason

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