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Limelight Networks Exceeds Two Terabit Per Second Global Capacity, Marks Beginning of 'Broadcast Quantity' CDN Era


TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) today marked the beginning of the 'broadcast quantity' era for content delivery networks with the announcement that the company's global content delivery capacity has exceeded two terabits per second (Tbps).

The announcement was made at the Digital Media Innovation Forum, 15-17 October, Phoenix, AZ.

Two terabits per second is roughly the raw capacity required to deliver content to the equivalent of four Nielsen ratings points of audience.* Even taking network overhead into account, this milestone means Limelight's capacity could support delivering broadcast-quality content to over two million simultaneous Internet users.

A 'broadcast quantity' CDN meets the challenge of maintaining high- fidelity for every piece of content delivered, even as the audience that could potentially view that content grows significantly. Recently, comScore reported that more than 142 million U.S. Internet users watched 11.4 billion videos for a total duration of 558 million hours during July 2008,** and 27.4 million U.K. Internet users watched 3.2 billion videos for an average of 117.7 videos per viewer during June 2008.***

"As global traffic and audience numbers continue to grow, the challenge for delivery networks has changed from delivering a single piece of content to an audience of millions, to simultaneously delivering a million different pieces of content to a million different viewers. Viewers' expectations are defined by their experience from broadcast TV, so delivery networks are being called on to deliver ever higher levels of visual fidelity. These services are more engaging for viewers, and this in turn helps monetize the content," said Jim Davis, senior analyst, Tier 1 Research.

Limelight Networks' unique approach to maximizing the delivery of content is to store a publisher's entire content library logically close to the end user, so content is delivered without traversing the congested public Internet. This is accomplished by directly connecting over eight petabytes of storage to over 900 last mile access networks, through a fiber-optical connection maintained by the company. The end result is a brilliant user experience for every element of content delivered.

"This milestone of two terabits per second of network capacity represents the beginning of a new era in the content delivery industry. While Limelight Networks' architecture has always ensured a broadcast quality experience, today's milestone demonstrates that we can deliver broadcast quantity entertainment -- thousands of programs to global Internet audiences that are measurable in Nielson ratings points," said Nathan Raciborski, chief technical officer, Limelight Networks. "As more viewers use the web as a primary entertainment vehicle, we will continue to scale and expand our architecture to ensure these broadcast quantity audiences receive engaging, high-quality experiences."

For over seven years, the Limelight Networks content delivery service has powered some of the largest and most complex events in the history of the Internet. From supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users for Oprah's online book club, to delivering over 70 million video streams for on MSN, to enabling interactive content and game downloads for each of the three major gaming console manufacturers, Limelight has consistently delivered content in the brilliance the publisher intended it to be seen.

About Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) is a content delivery partner enabling the next wave of Internet business and entertainment. More than 1300 Internet, entertainment, software, and technology brands trust our robust, scalable platform to monetize their digital assets by delivering a brilliant online experience to their global audience. Our architecture bypasses the busy public Internet using a dedicated optical network that interconnects thousands of servers and delivers massive files at the speed of light -- directly to the access networks that consumers use every day. Our proven network and passion for service provides our customers confidence that every object in their library will be delivered to every user, every time. Read our blog at or visit for more information.

      * Assumes 1,128,000 U.S. households equals one ratings point and the
        average bit rate of a delivered stream at 500 Kbps
     ** Source: September 10, 2008 comScore press release titled "YouTube
        Draws 5 Billion U.S. Online Video Views in July 2008"
    *** Source: September 16, 2008 comScore press release titled "27 Million
        People Watched More Than 3 Billion Videos Online in the U.K. in
        June 2008"

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