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World Economic Forum names Fluid Analytics a Top Innovator


Award-winning solution leverages AI for early detection of wastewater pipeline issues, safeguarding communities and saving billions

Fluid Analytics was named a Top Innovator for their work towards global freshwater conservation, at the World Economic Forum's annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland. This award is supported through UpLink, the forum’s Innovation Ecosystem which offers enabling resources.

“We are honored and excited to be at the World Economic Forum this week with worldwide leaders and to receive this award as a Top Innovator,” said Asim R. Bhalerao, chief executive officer of Fluid Analytics. “This challenge is part of the 'Aquapreneur’ Innovation Initiative. The use of artificial intelligence by Fluid Analytics to mitigate risks related to wastewater pipeline system failures is a critical part of the solution to make cities and urban environments around the world water resilient.”

Within the highly competitive field of the water-focused Zero Water Waste Challenge, which received applications from 192 global companies this year, only ten winners were selected. Of those ten, only two Top Innovator awards were bestowed upon U.S.-based organizations: Fluid Analytics and Membrion, a Seattle-based company.

This challenge calls for innovative water usage approaches to improve freshwater conservation from supply to demand, moving towards zero water waste. In line with the Global Commission of the Economics of Water, this challenge is seizing high potential opportunities to bolster global water conservation by sourcing innovative approaches to water usage that will strengthen freshwater ecosystem resilience from supply to demand.

Fluid Analytics is committed to addressing urban water pollution. The company uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to ensure cities effectively monitor water and wastewater infrastructure. Through a unique platform, they can monitor infrastructure conditions and the spread of water-borne diseases using unique mathematical and machine-learning models trained on proprietary global datasets. They were also the 2020 recipient of the Imagine H2O Urban Water Challenge award and the 2021 Global Edison Awards, among others.

Access to the World Economic Forum's annual meeting is fiercely sought after, with companies readily enduring a years-long wait for the coveted opportunity to join in person. This intense competition speaks volumes about the immense value placed on engaging with this gathering of major international organizations, a testament to the forum's platform for shaping global agendas and driving impactful change. “Climate change and population growth have made water one of the most stressed resources on this planet. Deploying Fluid Analytics to predict and prevent wastewater pipeline failures has helped our customers significantly reduce the environmental and public-health impact of untreated wastewater,” Bhalerao said.

UpLink is the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum. It is described on the forum’s website as a platform “with the ambition to nurture a world where anyone, anywhere, with a high-impact solution for global issues is empowered to scale their action.” To drive sustainable freshwater conservation and management, HCL Tech, a multinational information technology consulting company, is partnered with UpLink to create a first-of-its-kind innovation ecosystem that enables water-focused entrepreneurs (Aquapreneurs) to scale and thrive.

About Fluid Analytics, Inc.

Fluid Analytics was founded by Asim R. Bhalerao, Nidhi Jain and Acumen Fellow. The company provides AI solutions for sub-surface wastewater infrastructure inspections to utilities, contractors, and engineering firms, that predict and prevent sanitary sewer system failures. Fluid Analytics has successfully deployed solutions, monitored over 400+ million gallons (1.5B liters) of urban wastewater spills, and enabled the treatment and reuse of 200+ million gallons (800M liters) daily. The company continues to monitor a population of over 17.5 million for water-borne diseases, as an indicator of drinking water contamination caused by untreated wastewater. Its turnkey, solutions-oriented business model empowers cities to sustainably combat water pollution, including sanitary sewer outflow (SSO) and inflow and infiltration (I&I). For more information, visit

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