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Special Screening of “All the Lonely People” Hosted by Emerest Connect in The Bronx


Screening Preceded a Convening with Experts in Elderly Care and the Filmmakers to Shine a Light on the Impacts of the Loneliness Epidemic

Yesterday, Emerest Connect, a leading remote care platform for homebound and elderly patients in New York City, hosted a special screening of the film "All the Lonely People." Directed by Stu Maddux, the film depicts individuals from diverse backgrounds overcoming social isolation and chronic loneliness—a phenomenon that has affected millions worldwide since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spanning across different age groups and geographic locations, the documentary chronicles the pervasive impact of social isolation on communities across the world.

Following the screening, Emerest Connect CEO moderated a discussion with one of the filmmakers, Joseph Applebaum as well as Greg Olsen, Acting Director of the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA); and Becky Preve, Director at the Association on Aging in New York. The panel discussion explored the ways loneliness, isolation, and depression are inflicting New York City communities, and the role that healthcare, government, and technology sectors can play in facing this epidemic head on.

“Cultivating a sense of belonging and fostering meaningful social connections are fundamental pillars of holistic well-being,” said Josh Klein, CEO of Emerest Connect. “Especially among the homebound community, the loneliness epidemic highlights the critical need for collective action and disruptive solutions. I am excited to have the chance to discuss these urgent issues with Joseph, Greg, and Becky, but this is just the first step. Stakeholders across New York City need to come together to stem the increasing rates of loneliness and isolation.”

Key takeaways from the post-film discussion included:

  • Older adults are utilizing technology just as much as younger generations to manage their health effectively. Telehealth is a transformative force in alleviating social isolation and loneliness.
  • Social health and clinical health are not only equally important, but are directly correlated.
  • The documentary delivers a compelling call to action against the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. While acknowledging there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are practices and actions that can seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of those battling loneliness, offering hope and tangible paths forward.

The event took place in Emerest Connect's behavioral health studio in the Bronx. Since the studio's grand opening in November, Emerest Connect has been at the forefront in driving conversations about the loneliness epidemic, recognizing its profound implications for both mental and physical health.


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Conor Douglass

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