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Jon Peddie Research Report: Who Are the Creators and the Tools They Use?


A complex market spanning from TV to print to audio, games, and cinema

The Digital Content Creation (DCC) market has evolved beyond almost everyone's imagination. Covid spurred a massive increase in demand for new content on all platforms, and the tool makers responded, as did the creators. AI has crept into all aspects of the industry, frightening some, delighting and enabling others. Supply is rapidly catching up to demand thanks to AI. Jon Peddie Research has produced an in-depth report on the DCC market.

The creator population has expanded to include influencers who create how-to or what’s new videos and podcasts.

Between 3.2 million and 37.8 million global influencers are currently on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This group includes people with at least 1000 users.

The DCC software tools market is estimated to be worth $17 billion in 2026, with video production accounting for 44%.

Over 100 companies are actively selling tools for content creation.

The market study has three main sections: Markets, Service and Tool Providers, and Technology Trends. The Markets section examines the primary drivers of the M&E industry. We have found that various forms of entertainment are creating an unprecedented demand for digital content.

This Digital Content Creation report has been developed for:

  • Vice Presidents of marketing who need help understanding the market and their position in it
  • Financial investors who want to know about the significant segments of the market and the leading companies within those segments
  • Entrepreneurs, developers, etc., who want insights about the people they’re building stuff for

In all cases, readers of this market study want to understand how big the market is, how it will grow, what trends drive growth, etc.

Pricing, special offer, and availability

JPR’s Digital Content Creation Report is available for download and sells for $8,000.

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