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The Largest Plastic Surgery Information Platform in South Korea Launches ‘UNNI’, a Global K-Medical Information App for Foreigners

  • Prices and 1.3 million reviews are provided for foreigners seeking Korean dermatology clinics and plastic surgery clinics
  • Already the leading platform in Japan, where it launched in 2019

Healing Paper, the operator of the largest plastic surgery information platform in South Korea, 'Gangnam Unni', announced that it launched 'UNNI,' a global K-medical information app for foreigners.

Healing Paper launched the Global K-Medical Information Application “UNNI” for overseas users. (Graphic: Healing Paper)

Healing Paper launched the Global K-Medical Information Application “UNNI” for overseas users. (Graphic: Healing Paper)

Since 2015, Gangnam Unni has been providing Korean users with medical information, including pricing details and over 1.3 million reviews on plastic surgery and dermatology clinics. Currently, 1,800 Korean clinics are registered in Gangnam Unni. Among these, UNNI provides information on clinics that wish to advertise overseas to attract foreigners.

UNNI app provides its service in English. Users can download the app and access the chat-consultations to have a consultation and make an appointment, in 13 languages provided by an automatic translation system, including Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. UNNI plans to broaden its language support to include medical information like reviews in the future.

UNNI was launched to resolve the information asymmetry between Korean beauty clinics and foreigners. In the past, foreigners struggled to find accurate pricing information and real reviews on Korean beauty clinics and they had to rely on illegal brokers.

A plastic surgery specialist who partners with Gangnam Unni said, “With the possibility of attracting foreigners through platform advertising, there is no longer a need to pay excessive fees to individual brokers. We anticipate that diverse user reviews will provide foreigners with more opportunities for clinic selections.”

Gangnam Unni successfully expanded to Japan in November 2019, becoming the leading platform in the Japanese market. Gangnam Unni provides the beauty and medical information of Korean and Japanese clinics to Japanese users. The number of Japanese users has doubled compared to December 2022 to reach over 0.7 million users. Over 10% of Gangnam Unni’s total 5.5 million users are now from Japan.

Through this global business expansion, Healing Paper operates three services: Gangnam Unni Korea, Gangnam Unni Japan, and UNNI for other overseas countries. The company plans to focus on technology development, domestic and overseas business operations, and marketing efforts from its Korean headquarters and Japanese branch.

Seung-il Hong, CEO of Healing Paper, said, “With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, diverse and numerous foreigners are visiting Korean clinics and the K-medical market is becoming globally competitive, bolstered by top-notch medical infrastructure and advanced technology. We will strive to provide trustworthy medical information to international consumers and promote Korean beauty medical services to the best of our ability.’

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