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ShipCalm Announces Visionary CTO to Spearhead Growth


Jacob West to Help Scale Leading Third-Party Operation & Logistics Platform for eCommerce Brands

In the modern growing world of eCommerce, the fully distributed supply chains necessary to support the complex ecosystem of commercial relationships, integration of systems, and information are critical to success.

In an effort to help digitally native brands navigate these complexities, ShipCalm, an eCommerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider, is enabling companies to spend less time worrying about inventory operations and more time growing their business. As a leading 3PO (third-party operations platform), ShipCalm provides complete operational solutions to digitally native brands, including a third-party operations platform that streamlines traditional operations with data and powerful AI.

Spearheading this ongoing innovation is ShipCalm’s new CTO Jacob West. “Our goal is to run the end-to-end operations for each of our customers, freeing them to focus on product development and marketing. This holistic approach to the problems of operational complexity is exciting because no one else in this space is really thinking this way,” West said. “As the company's new CTO, I look forward to growing our software and data science teams to better serve our customers at every level of their businesses, from streamlining day-to-day operations all the way up to providing them with robust high quality information and expertise to support their strategic decision-making.”

With a diverse background spanning data science, machine learning, software engineering, and quantum computing, West brings nearly 20 years of industry experience. Before joining ShipCalm in 2021 as VP of Software Engineering, West worked for FICO as a senior data scientist primarily focused on graph analytics and machine learning, especially as the company applied anti-money-laundering techniques. He also worked on various optimization problems, built and trained neural networks, and conducted research on natural language processing. West, who began his career in academia, also worked at HRL Laboratories, LLC as a theoretical physicist focused on quantum computing developing algorithms for active quantum error correction.

“We are thrilled to expand Jacob’s leadership role at a time when technology is playing an increasingly larger role in the shipping and logistics industry and overall global economy,” said ShipCalm CEO Greg Moser. “He brings a deep understanding of our industry-leading solutions together with a strong commitment to drive future innovation and growth.”

Since joining ShipCalm, West has selected and implemented a new warehouse management system, dramatically improving the company’s ability to efficiently and robustly deliver high quality information and services. As part of that implementation, he oversaw and actively rebuilt much of ShipCalm’s data flow and integration systems.

Another important milestone in West’s tenure at ShipCalm has been the development and launch of business analytics and intelligence for customers’ businesses in the Marvin's Insights’s daily report. ShipCalm’s AI platform Meet Marvin™ integrates data, predicts issues, and streamlines supply chain management effectively. West has also been responsible for the development and implementation of ShipCalm’s internal analytics and reporting to track the company’s KPIs and ensure it meets throughput and performance goals.

“I joined ShipCalm because I enjoy working on hard problems, especially when they have the potential to positively impact the lives of many people,” West said. “While shipping and logistics are big parts of the operational complexity we eliminate for our customers, these are only two of the challenges to be overcome. To grow and stay competitive, the digitally native brands we serve must efficiently manage their inventory availability and supply/manufacturing, understand and control their freight costs, optimize their packaging and kitting, tailor their unboxing experience, forge new retailer relationships and open new sales channels, process and understand and ideally reduce returns, efficiently manage liquidation or disposal of product, satisfy modern demands of fast same-day shipping, and so much more. It’s exciting to create technology solutions to help meet these growing needs.”

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ShipCalm is an eCommerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. Founded in 2017, ShipCalm provides a number of logistics services aimed at helping online businesses solve their shipping problems. ShipCalm provides solutions for eCommerce business owners with Amazon FBA prep, reverse logistics, kitting, packing and assembly, as well as eCommerce shipping and warehousing. As the world-leading 3PO, ShipCalm provides complete operational solutions to digitally native brands, including a third-party operations platform that streamlines traditional operations with data and powerful AI. More information at

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