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Nucleus Research Releases 2023 Low-Code Application Development Platforms Technology Value Matrix


Leaders in the LCAP market include Appian, Creatio, Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, Oracle APEX, and Zoho Creator.

The shortcoming of Low-Code Application Development Platforms (LCAP) offerings used to be limited adoption. However, Nucleus has observed an uptick of organizations self-building complex applications.

“Over the past year, Nucleus has noted full-fledged ERP, payroll system, customer and supplier portal, and project management solutions being developed in-house with low and no-code tools,” said Research Manager Isaac Gould. “In addition, ERP and CRM platform vendors are quickly catching up with dedicated LCAPs in terms of functionality and the complexity of developed applications. Now, the LCAP offerings of ERP and CRM platforms are maturing to the point where users should consider the existing tools of their enterprise platforms first before looking outwards.”

LCAP vendors have embraced generative AI, embedding the technology or adding it to their roadmaps at the very least. Generative AI has two primary use cases in LCAP where vendors are either supporting development with generative AI-enabled tools or deploying applications with generative AI functionality. For example, leading vendors are likely to enable their platforms to autonomously create workflow designs, contextual suggestions, application blueprints, and database schemas through voice and text inputs. Generative AI use cases in developed applications can range from chatbots to use-case-specific text generators for emails, product descriptions, and job descriptions, among others.

Leaders in this year’s Value Matrix deliver advanced functionality without sacrificing ease-of-use at scale. These include Appian, Creatio, Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, Oracle APEX, and Zoho Creator.

The Experts in this year’s Value Matrix are organizations that deliver value to customers with complex use cases through deep functionality and industry-specific capabilities. These include Infor Mongoose, Nintex K2, OutSystems, and Salesforce.

Facilitators in this year’s Value Matrix deliver value through greater ease of use and quick implementation. These include Betty Blocks, Kissflow, and Quixy.

Core Providers deliver core capabilities with faster and less expensive adoption. This year’s Value Matrix Core Providers are OpenBots, Quickbase, ServiceNow, and TrackVia.

To download the full 2023 Low Code Application Development Platforms Technology Value Matrix, click here.

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