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AEVEX Aerospace Announces Counter UAS Red Teaming Service


AEVEX Aerospace today publicly announced its Counter UAS (CUAS) Red Teaming Service, a solution tailored to address the dynamic, expanding world of unmanned aircraft system threats. The globally proven testing and training service leverages the expertise of the "Red Team," a dedicated group of UAS developmental and operational professionals, to evaluate and perform vulnerability testing and training while ensuring compliance with client specifications.

The company's CUAS Red Teaming distinguishes itself by replicating nearly any threat aircraft, while providing the most authentic threat tactics that draw from vast experience across a variety of aircraft models. AEVEX’s comprehensive turnkey approach means clients receive real-world threat simulations to enhance both systems as well as tactics, training, and procedures, saving both time and resources while increasing operational effectiveness.

"In an era where unmanned aerial threats evolve rapidly, our proven Counter UAS Red Teaming Service is a testament to AEVEX Aerospace's commitment to staying one step ahead,” said AEVEX's VP of Business Development, Craig Anders. Anders continued, “Leveraging decades of flight experience, our dedicated Red Team ensures that every simulation we present is as close to the real threat as possible. Our mission is to arm our clients with the knowledge and strategies needed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow."

Additionally, AEVEX Aerospace offers extensive technical support, including rapid response capabilities, prototyping support, and in-depth Avionics/RF analyses. Combined, they provide unparalleled threat simulation and system vulnerability assessment against evolving UAS threats. For more information, visit:

About AEVEX Aerospace:

AEVEX Aerospace, headquartered in Solana Beach, California, supports the U.S. national security mission and partner nation needs around the world by providing full-spectrum aviation, remote sensing, and analysis solutions. The company’s capabilities include custom design and engineering, sensor integration and sustainment, aircraft modification and certification, mission operations services, advanced intelligence data processing, exploitation, and dissemination solutions, and tailored hardware and software mission-system tools. AEVEX uses agile and customized approaches to rapidly define, develop, and deliver specialized solutions for airborne special mission needs for the US Government, partner nations, and commercial businesses. AEVEX has major offices in California, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

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Matt Gunn
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