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New share issue in Heimstaden’s subsidiary Heimstaden Bostad


Heimstaden’s subsidiary Heimstaden Bostad AB strengthened its equity base with 5 645 million SEK through a private placement towards the owners, where Heimstaden subscribes to 2,035 million SEK, Alecta to 3,582 million SEK, Ericsson to 21 million SEK and Sandvik to 7 million SEK.

The equity is issued by a mix of ordinary- and preference shares and paid by a mix of offsetting due dividends and cash. The total cash raised amounts to 3,887 million SEK, whereof 2,785 million is paid in by external owners and 1,102 million SEK by Heimstaden.

”We are pleased to see that the shareholders wants to invest in Heimstaden Bostad. With the new equity, the company is well positioned for further growth, which is motivating for all of us", says Patrik Hall, CEO Heimstaden.