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Interim report january-march 2020

  • Rental income for the period increased to SEK 1,566 million (1,023)
  • The real letting ratio for housing was 97.2 percent (98.9)
  • Net operating income for the period increased to SEK 857 million (521)
  • Cleared of unrealised currency effects, profit from property management amounted to SEK 467 million (236)
  • Changes in values of properties amounted to SEK 1,914 million (1,761)
  • Profit for the period increased to SEK 1,665 million (1,202)
  • Property acquisitions during the period amounted to SEK 14,376 million (3,711)
  • Profit per ordinary share amounted to SEK 19 (101)

Heimstaden provides homes, which are something that everybody needs regardless of the economic situation. Housing shortages also prevail in the markets in which we operate. Providing housing in attractive locations, at rent levels that most residents can demand, means we have a fantastic and flexible product”, says Patrik Hall, CEO Heimstaden.

”Heimstaden also has the economic opportunities and strength to continue our journey of growth in challenging times and, through continued new production, to alleviate the increasing shortage of specifically capital-free housing, namely rental apartments”, Patrik Hall continues.