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Heimstaden Bostad acquires 673 homes from the Dutch Housing corporation Mooiland


Heimstaden Bostad expands its portfolio in the Netherlands through the acquisition of 673 homes in the North Holland province from the Dutch Housing corporation Mooiland. The transaction is expected to close on December 15, 2020.

The portfolio consists of 620 apartments and 53 single family homes, as well as commercial and parking spaces. Heimstaden has local offices in the Netherlands and will provide in-house services to all customers.

“At Heimstaden, we simplify and enrich our customers lives through Friendly Homes. As a sustainable housing provider, we look forward to making a positive societal and environmental contribution in all our markets,” said Simon Kuijs, Investment Manager at Heimstaden.

First acquisition from housing corporation

The agreement with Mooiland is Heimstaden Bostad’s first acquisition from a Dutch non-profit housing corporation. The Dutch authority for housing corporations, local governments, and residential organizations, have approved the acquisition.  

Heimstaden Bostad will take over all existing contracts and will commit to seven years of rental restrictions to guarantee affordable homes for the customers.

“Providing affordable and sustainable homes for our customers in Noord-Holland aligns with our values, and is a task we are excited to fulfil,”, said Simon Kuijs.

Friendly and sustainable

Most of the portfolio is regulated and about half the portfolio has an energy label in the A, B or C category. Heimstaden Bostad will invest in sustainability improvements to improve energy labels for the rest of the portfolio.

“We are confident that Heimstaden will take good care of our customers in Noord-Holland. Throughout the acquisition process, Heimstaden has process proven to be a professional counterparty that takes its responsibility to society seriously – with regards to both sustainable and affordable living,” said Anne Wilders, board member of Mooiland.