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Casper von Koskull is appointed new Chairman of the Board in Heimstaden Bostad


Today, at the General Meeting, Heimstaden Bostad elected new board members and decided to increase the Company’s financial strength through a share-issue of appr. 5,6 billion SEK.

Change in Board of directors

Heimstaden Bostad has elected three new board members including an independent Chairman.

Heimstaden Bostad’s new Chairman of the Board is former Nordea Group CEO Casper von Koskull. Mr. von Koskull has a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Helsinki School of Economics. He has broad international working experience from the financial sector, including employment with Goldman Sachs in London, and was from 2010 employed by Nordea, in the years 2015-2019 as President and Group Chief Executive Officer.

“I am pleased and proud being asked to join Heimstaden Bostad as independent Chairman of the Board. After many years with an impressive growth, Heimstaden Bostad is a leading European player in the real estate business. I am looking forward to participate in developing the company further”, says Heimstaden’s new Chairman Casper von Koskull.

Axel Brändström, Head of Real Assets Investments at Alecta, and Katarina Skalare, Chief Sustainability Officer at Heimstaden, are appointed new board members. Axel Brändström is replacing Ramsey Brufer.

“With Casper von Koskull, Katarina Skalare and Axel Brändström joining, we have a very competent and complete Board of Directors. Casper’s experience will be important to develop our company further, and Katarina’s participation secures that social and environmental sustainability will be an even more important part of business decisions in the future. We thank Frans Heijbel for his time as chairman and look forward to his continued active role in the Board of Directors”. says Patrik Hall, CEO of Heimstaden.

“Ramsey Brufer has been a highly appreciated member of the board and with his vast experience from working in board rooms he has added a lot of structure and efficiency to the board room tasks of Heimstaden Bostad. We wish Ramsey the best of luck with all his other assignments”, says Patrik Hall.

The Board now consists of 11 people:

Casper von Koskull, Chairman of the Board (independent)

Frans Heijbel (Alecta)

Axel Brändström (Alecta)

Magnus Nordholm (Heimstaden)

Katarina Skalare (Heimstaden)

Karmen Mandic (Heimstaden)

Erik Glaesel (Heimstaden)

John Giverholt (Heimstaden)

Stefan Attefall (Heimstaden)

Christer Franzén (Ericssons Pensionsstiftelse)

Birgitta Stenmark (Folksam Group / KPA Pension)

New share issue

Heimstaden Bostad AB also strengthened its equity base with 5,645 million SEK through a private placement towards the owners, where Heimstaden subscribed to 2,035 million SEK, Alecta to 3,582 million SEK, Ericsson to 21 million SEK and Sandvik to 7 million SEK. The equity was issued by a mix of ordinary- and preference shares and paid by a mix of offsetting due dividends and cash. The total cash raised amounted to 3,887 million SEK.