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ATI Physical Therapy Launches Specialized Limb Loss Treatment Program Following Successful Pilot


ATI Physical Therapy (ATI), one of the nation’s largest providers of physical therapy services, today announced the launch of new limb loss specialty centers that expand the use of outpatient physical therapy and creates a stronger care continuum for patients who are scheduled to undergo limb loss surgery or have experienced limb loss.

ATI developed the specialty program and centers of excellence in partnership with Hanger Clinic, a leading orthotic and prosthetic provider, to deliver patients individualized and compassionate care that improves functional outcomes and helps them navigate their new normal. ATI’s skilled PTs and OTs will join physicians and prosthetists on the forefront of each patient’s rehabilitation journey, providing activity-based treatment designed to help patients heal faster, acclimate to their new prosthetic and maintain quality of life. The pilot initially launched in Michigan with 15 ATI Centers of Excellence. Now, the program is available in more than 70 ATI specialty centers across Michigan, Illinois and Indiana with future plans to expand.

“Amputation and limb loss can affect motor and functional ability, but they don’t have to affect a patient’s overall quality of life,” said ATI’s Francis Kosinski, Senior Vice President, Health Services. “ATI understands the range of care necessary for patients dealing with limb loss. This program allows us to meet our patients’ unique needs by integrating ATI’s clinical expertise on limb function and movement, collaborating with prosthetists, orthotists and physicians, and providing quality care in a supportive atmosphere. This combined results in effective interdisciplinary treatment.”

According to the Amputee Coalition, a nonprofit limb loss advocacy organization, there are 2.1 million people currently living with limb loss in the U.S., a number that is increasing by 507 per day and is expected to reach 3.6 million by 2050. Plus, with average lifetime healthcare costs for people with limb loss totaling $509,275 compared to $361,200 for people without limb loss, the need for specialized PT treatment programs for this population grows more necessary by the day.

ATI collaborates across all healthcare disciplines dealing with limb loss to ensure patients receive the highest level of guidance, care and support, all in an encouraging clinic environment. The protocols for this specialty program align with recommended treatment guidelines and the unique protocols for lower extremity limb loss, a distinct approach that delivers comprehensive treatment to reduce the potential for poor prosthetic acclimation. ATI’s proactive model provides faster healing and predictable patient recovery, resulting in reduced treatment variability and an over 93% patient satisfaction rate to date.

For more information on ATI specialty centers for limb loss click here.

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