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Network Next Beats Game Latency with Limelight Network’s Edge Platform


TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a leading provider of edge cloud services, today announced that Network Next is using Limelight’s edge cloud platform to make the internet better for games.

The internet of today is not optimized for games. It favors static and streaming content, with heavy throughput demands, over real-time applications like online multiplayer games, which require the lowest latency possible. Network Next is changing this. Network Next's technology integrates directly into a game and creates an optimized, low-latency route for each player.

Network Next uses Limelight’s highly distributed and flexible edge cloud solution to provide the best online gaming experience for players. Network Next technology steers game traffic across Limelight’s network via Limelight Points-of-Presence throughout the U.S. These edge nodes are directly connected to game origin data centers to significantly reduce latency and improve consistency for players.

“We’re making the internet better for games because to gamers, latency really matters. The difference between winning and losing in a game can be as little as 5 milliseconds,” said Glenn Fiedler, CEO at Network Next. “We’re excited to be working with Limelight, who understands this challenge and the needs of our customers, and whose technology puts compute power at the edge. This allows us to dramatically reduce latency and significantly improve the gaming experience for players.”

“Milliseconds translate into mega-advantage for players in social gaming environments. To be second best is not an option. Latency can occur at various points and Limelight is determined to reduce it at the network level. Network Next recognizes this capability and has partnered with Limelight to even the playing field in its next-generation gaming network solution,” said Ersin Galioglu, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Limelight. “Our global edge compute resources coupled with a private backbone bypasses internet bottlenecks and provides a sizable latency reduction over traditional solutions.”

A full case study is available here with additional information.

About Network Next
Founded in 2017 by game developers and networking pros, and backed by $4.4M in seed investment, Network Next is making the internet better for games by creating a network that delivers the best multiplayer experiences possible. Visit for more information.

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Limelight Networks Inc., (NASDAQ: LLNW), a leading provider of digital content delivery, video, cloud security, and edge computing services, empowers customers to provide exceptional digital experiences. Limelight’s edge services platform includes a unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent software, and expert support services that enable current and future workflows. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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