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Change in Board of directors


At an extraordinary general meeting today, Heimstaden Bostad has elected three new board members to the existing board, which now amounts to 7 people.

Christer Franzén, Erik Glaesel and John Giverholt have now joined the existing board.

The Board now consists of; 

  • Frans Heijbel, Chairman of the Board
  • Ramsay Brufer
  • Magnus Nordholm
  • Erik Glaesel
  • John Giverholt
  • Stefan Attefall
  • Christer Franzén

Patrik Hall remains as external CEO.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Hall, CEO                                                                                           +46 705 85 99 56

Frans Heijbel, Chairman of the board                                                          +46 725 71 96 26

Magnus Nordholm, CEO Fredensborg AS and acting CFO Heimstaden    +46 705 29 31 44