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Diös Nomination Committee for the AGM 2019


According to previous decisions, the Nomination Committee shall comprise the Chairman of the Board and representatives of the four largest shareholders and be published no later than six months before the Annual General Meeting. In accordance with the decision, the following Nomination Committee has been formed:

  • Bo Forsén, Chairman of the Nomination Committee and representative for Backahill Inter AB.
  • Bob Persson, Chairman of the Board and representative for AB Persson Invest.
  • Stefan Nilsson, representative for Pensionskassan SHB Försäkringsförening.
  • Carl Engström, representative for Nordstjernan AB.

The Nomination Committee represents 36,9 per cent of the votes in Diös Fastigheter according to the known ownership as of 30 September 2018. Bengtsson Tidnings AB has chosen to give up their place in the Nomination Committee in favor of Nordstjernan AB. This related to the transaction between them on September 4th.

Diös Fastigheter AGM 2019 will be held in Östersund on April 23, 2019.

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee can do this by mail to or writing to Diös Fastigheter AB, Nomination Committee, Box 188, 831 22, Östersund. Shareholder proposals should be submitted no later than February 15, 2019.