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Diös Fastigheter Interim report Jan-June 2018


Our property management income continues to improve on the back of increased rental income and efficient property management. Economic occupancy for the period was 91 per cent and the loan-to-value ratio improved to 55.8 per cent. Property value exceeds SEK 20 billion.

  • Rental income increase was 7 per cent and totals SEK 887 million (832)

  • Property management income increase was 4.5 per cent and totals SEK 421 million (403)

  • Unrealized changes in property values amounted to SEK 227 million (302) and for derivatives to SEK 12 million (14)

  • Profit after tax was SEK 587 million (581)

  • Earnings per share were SEK 4.34 (4.46)

- We are convinced that location is key. For us as a property owner with a strong presence in the city centre, the challenge is to create new environments for consumption that can be remodelled ever more frequently. Coupled with our strong cash flow and unique position, our centrally located properties put us in an ideal situation to create attractive premises for continued growth, says Knut Rost, CEO.