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ASETEK – Update to Full Year 2016 Revenue Guidance


November 18, 2016 – Asetek communicated in its third quarter 2016 report announced 27 October 2016 that the company’s expectation for full year 2016 revenue within the company’s desktop segment had solidified through 2016. Furthermore, that the company expected full year 2016 desktop segment revenue above $43 million, equal to more than 20% revenue growth.

The company today announces that due to continued positive development within Asetek’s desktop segment, the company increases its full year 2016 desktop segment revenue guidance from more than 20% increase over 2015 to an increase of more than 30% over 2015, equal to above $45 million. The increase in demand is due to higher activity within the desktop segment’s do it yourself (DIY), computer gaming and virtual reality customers.

Within its data center segment, Asetek maintains its expectation of significant revenue growth in 2016 from $1.9m in 2015.

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