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ASETEK – Included in the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX)


November 10, 2016 – With reference to news release and stock exchange notification from Oslo Børs today regarding changes to the composition of the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX):

Oslo Børs has revised the composition of the Benchmark Index (OSEBX) and included Asetek with effect from December 1, 2016 among the 62 companies included in the index. Asetek is included due to its relative market cap in its sector Information Technology, covering technology hardware. Companies representing 85% of the market cap in each sector is included in the index when it is revised.

The OSEBX is an investible index which comprises the most traded shares listed on Oslo Børs, as well as a representative selection of all the shares listed. It is a semiannually revised free float adjusted index with changes implemented on December 1 and June 1 respectively.

Further information:

[Link to Oslo Børs stock exchange notification]

About Asetek

Asetek® (ASETEK.OL) is the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for data centers, servers and PCs. Asetek’s server products enable OEMs to offer cost effective, high performance liquid cooling data center solutions. Its PC products are targeted at the gaming and high performance desktop PC segments. With over 3.5 million liquid cooling units deployed, Asetek’s patented technology is being adopted by a growing portfolio of OEMs and channel partners. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in California, Texas, China and Taiwan. For more information visit

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Andre S. Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +45 2125 7076

Peter D. Madsen, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +45 2080 7200