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Limelight Orchestrate V3.0 Transforms the Digital Content Delivery Ecosystem


Leading content delivery network (CDN) vendor announces most comprehensive new release in company history, with significant network and software enhancements in security, storage, mobile device support, purge, self-service and more

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) (“Limelight”), a global leader in digital content delivery, today announced the release of Limelight Orchestrate V3.0, a comprehensive platform, purpose-built for the delivery of digital content with exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE). Over two years in development, this next generation of Limelight’s award-winning Orchestrate™ ("Orchestrate") Platform marks the most comprehensive set of enhancements to infrastructure, software, and services in the company’s history, offering improvements to virtually all aspects of Limelight’s customer experience, and expanding the company’s offerings to include a new set of services focused on security.

The enhanced capabilities of the Orchestrate V3.0 platform enable organizations to better deliver rich digital content rapidly, reliably, securely, and with high QoE to global audiences anywhere, on any device.

“An exponential increase in the delivery of digital content is straining the capabilities of the internet, and today’s consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with poor quality of experience in accessing this rich content,” stated Limelight CEO, Robert Lento. “Content owners are struggling with the challenge of providing high quality digital experiences in the face of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, network logjams, mobile device proliferation, and the increasing size of both content files and content libraries. Working with customers and partners, today we introduce market leading enhancements that simplify management, improve performance, and increase efficiency across Limelight’s solution offerings.”

As businesses increasingly engage with customers online, content continues to become richer and needs to be delivered to more devices, in more locations, across the globe. The Orchestrate V3.0 platform supports faster content delivery and the need to deliver content across all devices and geographies, while protecting publishers from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and ensuring they deliver an excellent experience for their customers.

Viewster AG, a leading global free online video service, knows the importance of consistent and high performance delivery of their digital content. Viewster relies on the Orchestrate platform, using the Content Delivery, Storage, Video and Performance services, to reach customers globally, reliably, and with a high QoE.

“Limelight gives us the geographic reach we need, the performance our customers demand, and provides high availability of content to our customers” said Pietro Capozzi, vice president, Viewster AG. “The bottom line is that Limelight allows us to provide an excellent digital experience for our customers,” continued Capozzi.

In the report entitled, ‘Drive Unified Digital Customer Experiences With Better Technology Strategies’, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2014, Forrester Research Vice President Stephen Powers and Analyst Mark Grannan make the case that “Digital Customer Experiences Are Pervasive -- And Vital:Good customer experience makes your firm stand out. Increasingly, customers experience your firm's products and services via digital touchpoints. The digital experiences your customers have via their mobile phones, rich web applications, and conversations aided by social media are now vital to your firm's growth and profitability.”

Today’s announcement of Orchestrate 3.0 includes, among others, these six discreet and distinct capabilities.

1. DDoS Attack Interceptor: Detects and mitigates network and application layer DDoS attacks. Protects customers against downtime, loss of business and brand reputation impact of attacks. See related press release here.

2. SmartPurge: Accurately purges unwanted content from the CDN world-wide with unmatched speed and consistency. Customers can now confidently remove content quickly and reliably with minimum effort.

3. Self Service Configuration Management: Enables customers to quickly respond to business decisions in real-time. Easy to use tools allow customers to make configuration changes that will then take effect in less than 30 minutes.

4. Multi-device media delivery (MMD) Live: Extends MMD’s industry leading on-the-fly transcoding and transmuxing capabilities to live streaming. Customers can now publish a live stream to multiple devices using adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, reducing buffering and enhancing the user experience. MMD simplifies live video streaming to all desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TV, Internet connected set-top-box, and gaming console platforms.

5. Storage: Enhancements to policy defined storage resulting in smart workflows, allowing just-in-time transformation of data. Provides flexible user replication policy to over 30 global locations. Flexible upload allows for faster migration of customers’ content to the CDN. Improved response time features allow customers quicker access to their content.

6. Real-time Analytics and Reporting: Based on Limelight’s patented EdgeQuery technology, real-time analytics and reporting offers Limelight customers access to detailed data and reports about their service usage within the Limelight Control Portal. Increases granularity and reduces the time to access service usage data, providing a view of usage with a delay of less than five minutes.

Limelight’s Global Private Network

Limelight’s global network is one of the world’s largest private networks for delivering digital content. With over 80 points-of-presence (POPs) and 11Tbps of egress capacity across the globe, this network has successfully delivered some of the world’s biggest internet events. Capable of handling massive spikes in traffic and user volatility, the Limelight network ensures that digital content is delivered with the best QoE possible without exposing customer traffic to the vagaries of the public internet. V3.0 related enhancements to Limelight’s network include upgrades to solid state disks, added processing capability, increased bandwidth and connectivity, and new points of presence across the globe.

"With the Orchestrate 3.0 platform we have enabled our customers to provide an excellent quality of experience to their user, which is essential for them to compete successfully today,” continued Lento. “Over two years in development, this release sets a new standard. Offering the industry’s highest performance and availability, only integrated cloud-based origin storage, fastest and only guaranteed purge capability, integrated DDoS detection and mitigation, comprehensive mobile device support for live and VOD, self-service capabilities, and detailed real-time analytics and reporting, our Orchestrate 3.0 platform is truly the world’s most advanced digital delivery platform.”

The Orchestrate V3.0 delivery platform is in use today supporting the following Limelight services:

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