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Limelight Launches Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Detection and Mitigation Service


Leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendor announces solution for proactive DDoS detection and rapid mitigation of attacks, while maintaining excellent performance

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) (“Limelight”), a global leader in digital content delivery, today announced the availability of DDoS Attack Interceptor, powered by the Limelight Orchestrate™ (“Orchestrate”) platform. As a central component of the Limelight Orchestrate Security service, DDoS Attack Interceptor provides multiple lines of defense to protect customers – proactive notification in the event of an attack, traffic scrubbing, and protection from unplanned costs due to traffic spikes.

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in complexity, pace, and scale. According to a recent global survey, conducted in conjunction with TechValidate, customers are most concerned with the impact of DDoS cyberattacks on delivery of digital content [TVID: 957-39D-E29]. In addition, the majority of customers surveyed believe their CDN provider is best positioned to help them detect and mitigate DDoS attacks [TVID: 0B3-2FC-2FD].

Aligned with this customer preference, DDoS Attack Interceptor is integrated directly into Limelight’s global CDN. Unlike competitive offerings, which operate at the router level, Limelight’s solution places detection directly into the CDN point of presence (PoP), offering the only situation-aware detection with mitigation technology in the cloud. Limelight’s advanced detection system constantly monitors for malicious traffic. Going beyond simple signature matching techniques, the detection engine uses patented behavior-based techniques that compare measured baseline of both volume and patterns and more intelligently differentiate good traffic from compromised traffic.

Once an attack is detected, the optimal globally distributed scrubbing center is determined, and traffic is directed there to be filtered before being passed back to the origin. The service is delivered entirely in the cloud via the Limelight Orchestrate platform, offering high performance and availability, especially during peacetime, even while providing continuous detection. Customers are not required to purchase any hardware, and no CAPEX is required to benefit from the full features of this offering.

“DDoS Attack Interceptor detects and mitigates network and application layer attacks. It helps to protect our customers from downtime, impact to brand and reputation, and revenue loss,” stated Kurt Silverman, senior vice president of development and delivery at Limelight. “This multi-layer approach offers protection from even the most complex cyberattacks, before they can disrupt our customer’s business.”

With over 11Tbps of capacity, Limelight’s Orchestrate platform handles over seven billion user requests per hour, ensuring that DDoS Attack Interceptor is capable of handling the largest cyberattacks encountered today. The solution offers industry leading Time to Mitigation – switching to mitigation quickly and offering coordinated baseline, active detection, and rapid mitigation that assures scrubbing starts fast, with very short spin up time, even for harder-to-detect attacks.

Today, Limelight also announced the availability of the Orchestrate 3.0 platform, a comprehensive platform, purpose-built for the delivery of digital content with exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE). The Orchestrate 3.0 platform marks the most comprehensive set of enhancements to infrastructure, software, and services in the company’s history, offering improvements to virtually all aspects of Limelight’s customer experience and expanding the company’s offerings to include a new set of services focused on security.

For more information on the Limelight Orchestrate Security service, please visit here.

For more information on Limelight Orchestrate 3.0 platform, please visit here.

Limelight’s Global Private Network

Limelight’s global network is one of the world’s largest private networks for delivering digital content. With over 80 points-of-presence (POPs) and 11Tbps of egress capacity across the globe, this network has successfully delivered some of the world’s biggest internet events. Capable of handling spikes and user volatility, the Limelight network ensures that digital content is delivered with the best QoE possible without using the public internet. V3.0 related enhancements to Limelight’s network include upgrades to solid state disks, added processing capability, increased bandwidth and connectivity, and new points of presence across the globe.

About Limelight

Limelight Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLNW), a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage digital audiences by enabling them to manage and deliver digital content on any device, anywhere in the world. The company’s award winning Limelight Orchestrate™ platform includes an integrated suite of content delivery technology and services that helps organizations deliver exceptional multi-screen experiences, improve brand awareness, drive revenue, and enhance customer relationships — all while reducing costs. For more information, please visit, read our blog, follow us on Twitter® at and be sure to visit Limelight Connect.

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