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ASETEK – Outcome of annual general meeting


- All proposals approved.
- Following the general meeting, the Board of Directors constituted itself with Mr. Samuel Stzeinbaum as the chairman.

Aalborg, April 24 2014 – Asetek A/S (OSE: ASETEK) today held the annual general meeting at its address in Aalborg, Denmark. The annual meeting approved all proposals set forward by the Board of Directors.

The general meeting took note of the report by the Board of Directors and Management and the audited annual report for 2013 was approved and carry forward the consolidated loss (USDm 6.2) to next year.

The Nomination Committee reported on its activities during last year. The committee noted that board members Jorgen Smidt and Alexander Wong did not make themselves available for reelection. The Nomination Committee is actively pursuing to add capabilities within the data center industry to the Board of Directors within the coming year.

The proposal to only prepare the annual reports in English language was approved and

The general adopted the proposal by the board of directors to reduce the minimum number of members of the Board of Directors from 6 to 4 and amend clause 11.1 accordingly.

The following members of the Board of Directors were all re-elected, and the board of directors will subsequent to the general meeting consist of:

- Samuel Szteinbaum
- Bengt Oluf Thuresson
- Chris J. Christopher
- Knut Oeversjoen

The following were elected to the Nomination Committee:

- Samuel Szteinbaum
- Ib Soenderby
- Thomas Vogt

Following the general meeting, the Board of Directors constituted itself with Mr. Samuel Szteinbaum as chairman. Ib Sonderby is chairman of the Nomination Committee. Knut Oeversjoen is chairman of the Audit Committee, and Samuel Szteinbaum is chairman of the Compensation Committee.

The general meeting authorized the Board of Directors to, until the next annual general meeting, to acquire the Company’s own shares.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Authorized Public Accountants were re-elected as auditors.


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