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ASETEK - Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting


The Board of Directors of Asetek A/S has resolved to convene an extraordinary general meeting to be held on August 14th2013 in Oslo, Norway.

The notice convening the general meeting, the agenda, and the full text of all proposals can be downloaded from

On the day of the notice of the general meeting there are 14,881,311 shares and 14,881,311 voting rights in Asetek A/S (including the company's own shares). The company holds 1,085,957 own shares on which it cannot vote.

The agenda of the meeting will be the following:

  1. Amendment of Article 2.1 of the Articles of Association regarding the Company's registered office
  2. Amendment to the authority to issue warrants under Articles 6.1 and 6.2 of the Articles of Association
  3. Approval of general guidelines for the Company's incentive programmes and adoption of a new Article 11.7 in the Articles of Association
  4. Adoption of a new Article 13 in the Articles of Association regarding a nomination committee
  5. Establishment of a nomination committee and election of members