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Vance Publishing Corporation Streamlines Publishing Workflow and Optimizes Online Content With Integrated Limelight Suite of Services


TEMPE, Ariz., March 29, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) today announced that customer Vance Publishing Corporation has successfully re-launched its long line of business-to-business websites with the help of three Limelight cloud-based services: Limelight Dynamic Site Platform (LDSP), Limelight Video Platform (LVP) and Limelight content delivery services. With more than three dozen websites in all, Vance Publishing is now rapidly increasing traffic and revenue through its improved ability to publish, manage, deliver, and monetize content on the Limelight SaaS platform.

The promise of an integrated workflow was a critical factor in Vance's decision to select Limelight as a service provider. By managing content from a single repository, the Vance team has been able to increase its publishing frequency and improve its opportunities for advertising and sponsorship. Whether the team is posting a new story or uploading a video, everything can be managed from one integrated dashboard. Changes are synched across the Limelight Dynamic Site Platform and the Limelight Video Platform. Vance Publishing also has more flexibility now to insert pre-roll and post-roll videos ads, as well as to host and track premium content behind a registration wall.

In addition, Limelight content delivery services are baked in with Limelight Dynamic Site Platform and Limelight Video Platform, ensuring that all content is smoothly transported across the Internet – and Limelight's own private fiber network – for the highest quality end-user experience no matter how large the audience may grow.

"Rather than employ disparate point solutions, Vance realized the strategic benefit of leveraging one fully integrated digital content management system," notes David Hatfield, Senior Vice President, Limelight Networks. "With over three dozen content-heavy websites, Vance needs a solution that is fast and intuitive. Limelight's easy-to-use cloud-based services speeds internal processes and give Vance the tools they need to drive site traffic and online revenue."

After transitioning to the Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, Vance increased overall traffic to 4.3 million unique visitors in 2011, with some of its sites growing by as much as 48% compared to 2010.  Across all of its sites, Vance has also increased website advertising by as much as 177%.

"When we decided to shift away from an on-premise content management system, we evaluated many different vendor solutions," said Dean Horowitz, Vice President, eMedia & Market Intelligence of Vance Publishing Corporation. "Limelight Networks met all of our platform criteria and offered a roadmap for product development that promised to support our needs in the future. For example, we knew that video would become increasingly important to our business, so the fact that Limelight could help us with internal and external video assets, handle user-generated video, and aid us in driving new mobile video initiatives was very appealing. We also honed in on Limelight's analytics capabilities, which allow for contextually targeted content, so we can focus on delivering the content that our audiences want most."

Beyond video integration and analytics, the Vance team has cited several other features that make Limelight's cloud-based offerings ideal for its needs. These include the ability to generate photo galleries and polls, reference and syndicate content across multiple sites, leverage website templates for customer microsites, and plug analytics data into the company's own lead-generation programs.

Above all, the integrated workflow combining traditional content management with a robust online video platform has proven valuable to Vance. Says Horowitz:

"We're obsessed with ensuring workflow does not get in the way of us sharing compelling and timely content. We want our editors to think about audience first, and not the process they have to go through to publish new information. Limelight Networks helps us make that happen."

Publishers like HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Sky News Arabia, Global 2000 enterprises and ecommerce companies such as Swiss Re, Eloqua, QVC, Swatch, and Barilla Pasta, and public sector organizations including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Army, NASA, and the Cleveland Health Clinic leverage Limelight's integrated cloud-based applications and globally distributed computing platform to efficiently manage their complete digital presence across web, mobile, and social channels. 

About Vance Publishing Corporation

Vance Publishing Corporation is a leading business-to-business integrated media company serving the agriculture, beauty and professional woodworking industries. The company produces 15 magazines, more than 50 newsletters, over 30 websites, several trade shows and events, a subscription-based data product set, and custom media products. Founded in 1937, Vance Publishing Corporation is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Ill., with additional offices in Lenexa, Kan., and St. Louis, Mo.

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