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Limelight Video Platform Announces New Features and Capabilities for Online Video Publishers in Summer 2012 Release


NEW YORK, May 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) today announced that Limelight Video Platform has added several new features for its Summer 2012 release, providing marketers with easy-to-use tools to enhance online video publishing capabilities. These features extend Limelight Video Platform analytics capabilities to Internet-connected mobile devices, including tablets. Additional enhancements to the cloud-based service include mobile live streaming, intelligent device detection, and social sharing functionality.

"Limelight Video Platform continues to innovate, adding sophisticated analytics capabilities that analyze and report not just videos viewed on the PC, but also videos consumed on any connected device," said Edgardo Nazario, VP and GM, Video Platform Solutions, Limelight Networks. "With the sharp growth of mobile video traffic through connected devices like tablets and smartphones, today's publishers require tools to help them understand how users take advantage of video beyond the PC. The new Limelight Video Platform analytics capabilities enable publishers to understand how their video is used anywhere, anytime and on any device."

Platform Analytics

To help publishers evaluate and optimize their videos for the growing mobile audience, Limelight Video Platform has extended its online analytics capabilities to include videos on mobile and tablet devices. Platform Analytics includes capabilities to detect and disclose the type of device, operating system (OS), and browser through which end users consume video content.

Mobile Live Streaming

In addition to enabling live streaming to PCs, Limelight Video Platform now offers an end-to-end solution to manage and broadcast live events to iOS (HLS) and Android (RTSP) devices, making it the only full online video platform solution (OVP) to provide live streaming to these devices. Publishers can easily broadcast live video streams from any location within minutes, and can manage both their live and on-demand assets in a single console using the same workflow. The same powerful tools that are available with Limelight Video Platform on-demand are also available for live streaming, including geo/domain restrictions, scheduling, metadata management, custom metadata management, player customization, and channels. In addition, all Limelight Video Platform players are enabled for live delivery, allowing publishers to mix both live and on-demand in the same channel and deliver using adaptive bit rate streaming.

"Broadcasting live events to mobile devices is absolutely essential to expanding our viewership and enhancing our customer relationships," comments Max Hodge, Director of Client Services, Fasig-Tipton Co. "We chose to work with Limelight because of their ability to ensure consistently high quality viewing experiences, while also simplifying our internal processes. Limelight gives us comprehensive, easy-to-use tools, empowering us to effortlessly deliver a successful mobile experience that drives engagement and brand loyalty."

Intelligent Device Detection

Limelight Video Platform's embedded code automatically detects the requesting device and adjusts the player to provide optimal device-specific viewing experiences. The solution delivers Flash to desktops and HTML5 to mobile devices and tablets, and most customizations made in the player builder are reflected in both the Flash and HTML5 versions of the player. Further, because Limelight Video Platform's JavaScript API is supported in both Flash and HTML5, publishers employ just a single player and set of supported APIs, removing the need for additional coding to handle mobile viewers.

Social Sharing Functions

Social sharing of video content is now as easy as sharing photos online. Limelight Video Platform's latest release adds new functionality so that developers can invoke the existing social sharing functionality using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This new functionality means that end-users can share online video via integrated buttons, and enables whitelisted playback into social media platforms that integrate a branded player when video content is shared online.

"There is no better way to demonstrate the value of our products than through video – this is crucial to converting more shoppers on our website, as well as at retail stores," said Greg Shoman, VP of Marketing at SKLZ, the largest manufacturer and distributor of sports training aids in the world. "This is why the ability to share videos easily in a variety of ways is critical to enhancing our brand and driving revenue. We have taken advantage of social networking integrations in the Limelight platform to offer buttons for sharing content via email, link, embed code, Facebook, and Twitter. Through these integrations, we encourage visitors not only to make one-time use of our video content, but also to spread the information about SKLZ training videos with others."

YuMe Ad Network Integration

The YuMe SDK is now fully integrated with Limelight Video Platform, allowing publishers to traffic ads via the YuMe ad network. YuMe provides the leading video ad management platform ACE. As the largest dedicated video advertising network, it connects brands with consumers and offers publishers unique solutions that maximize the value of their video inventory.

Media Vault Integration

Protecting video assets is critical to ensuring that content owners' rights are preserved and that online video monetization models can continue. Limelight's extensive experience in delivering websites, applications, and content for the largest online publishers is testament that its customers' online content is secure. Media Vault Integration, a key feature of Limelight Deliver and Limelight Stream, is now available for a publisher's video assets via Limelight Video Platform. Media Vault Integration allows publishers to secure access to content flexibly and efficiently while maximizing performance and minimizing latency. Media Vault can secure HTTP content — as well as Flash, Windows Media, and mp3 streaming media — by restricting who can see it, when they can see it, and which websites can display and play it.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is the display of text on the video screen in order to communicate spoken dialogue. The audience for closed captioning is typically those individuals who are hard of hearing. However, closed captioning can also be used to display a translation (or subtitles) to non-native speakers of the video language. Closed captioning can be enabled by simply uploading a caption file for each piece of media. Once a caption file is uploaded for a media, the LVP player will automatically display a caption-control on the screen.

Localized e-mail Message

The text for sharing e-mails can now be localized to additional languages.

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