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Limelight Networks(R) Introduces Accelerate Family of Web and Application Acceleration Services


TEMPE, Ariz., Aug. 4, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) ("Limelight") today introduced the Limelight Accelerate family of website, application and mobile acceleration services. Limelight Accelerate combines industry-leading browser-based acceleration techniques with a robust global network platform to maximize Time to Action—the time it takes for visitors to first engage with content on online and mobile sites. Limelight Accelerate boosts website or application performance twofold to fivefold, helping businesses benefit from more time on site, reduced abandonment rates, increased page views and improved conversion rates.

"Online shoppers don't want to wait—they want to engage and interact with sites instantly," said Co-Founder and Chairman of CSN Stores Steven Conine. "We knew that our sites could have a stronger impact if we delivered the most important and desired content first. Because our web properties generate dynamic content to enable unique and customized experiences for our customers, we required a solution that could optimize dynamic content on the fly—Limelight Accelerate delivered this capability for us. After just one month of employing Accelerate on, we saw a 17% jump in page views per visitor. It's clear that our improved site performance created a more satisfying shopping experience for our customers, which ultimately affects our brand and our bottom line."

Accelerate improves Time to Action with patent-pending technology that prioritizes the delivery of site content, so users can immediately interact with the most relevant content, even if other parts of the page are still loading. Further, the solution accelerates static and dynamic site content by optimizing the HTML instructions delivered to the end user's specific browser. Thus, the service speeds the delivery of the presentation layer of websites and applications, reducing Time to Action by half. The benefits of Limelight Accelerate and optimized Time to Action include:

  • Accelerates dynamic site content in real time
  • Keeps visitors on a site by immediately providing relevant, interactive content that they can engage with as soon as they arrive on the site
  • Captivates users with high-quality media and personalized information that drives conversions
  • Accommodates peak loads, seasonal traffic and global audiences
  • No infrastructure to deploy, no client or server side plug-ins to install

Limelight Accelerate is the only web and application acceleration service that integrates presentation-layer technologies (acquired from Acceloweb in May 2011) with network-level optimization technology for bypassing "middle mile" Internet bottlenecks. This provides online businesses with two layers of acceleration: one at the browser layer, which improves page render times using patent-pending, real-time cloud-based techniques; and one at the infrastructure later, which enables a highly reliable, direct path to an originating server for static, dynamic, cacheable or uncacheable content by routing content requests over Limelight's multiple, private fiber optic routes, instead of sending requests over the often-congested public Internet.

Limelight Accelerate Family of Services

Limelight Accelerate family of services includes:

Limelight Accelerate Commerce reduces incidents of consumer abandonment on E-commerce sites and streamlines the online shopping path as customers browse stores, learn about products and finalize their purchases at checkout.

Limelight Accelerate Web Applications is a business-to-business solution targeted to improve the online web experience for distance learning portals, client extranet sites and/or customer service portals for employees, partners or members of the public to access information where it is desirable to get users to spend more time on sites and improve online business processes.

Limelight Accelerate Mobile speeds the delivery of web applications to mobile devices.

Limelight Accelerate Express is a standalone service that integrates with existing CDN or web acceleration service to improve Time to Action.

"Website performance isn't just about speeding page loads—it's about accelerating the time it takes for users to interact with a site," said David Hatfield, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing, Limelight Networks. "Accelerate turns online visitors into active participants the moment they land on a site. As a result, E-commerce shoppers immediately access the product information they want and make purchases faster, mobile users stay engaged, employees increase productivity and customers spend more time on marketing pages."

To see Limelight Accelerate in action, click here.

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