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Limelight Networks(R) Dynamic Site Platform Reveals New Features and Capabilities for Enterprise Marketers and Online Publishers


TEMPE, Ariz., Aug. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) ("Limelight") today announced that Limelight Dynamic Site Platform is offering several new features in its latest series of updates. An upgrade of prior technology, acquired by the purchase of Clickability in May 2011, these updates include extensive Web Content Management capabilities for enterprise marketers and online publishers. The latest updates include:

  • Enhanced tools for content editors
  • New Account-based website marketing capabilities
  • Improved mobile site publishing
  • Extended Website Express Solution features

"Launched over the past several months, the cloud-based Limelight Dynamic Site Platform offers enterprise marketers and online publishers enhanced tools for state-of-the-art web content management for not only online, but mobile users," said Jeff Freund, VP and GM Web Content Management Group, Limelight Networks. "Unlike expensive, one-size-fits-all, on-premise WCM solutions, our platform offers significant advantages with improved workflow, personalization and content targeting, and mobile site publishing."

The latest Dynamic Site Platform updates allow enterprise marketers and online publishers to more easily manage their web content with enhanced workflow, better leverage personalization and targeting tools for more engaging web experiences, and seamlessly create compelling mobile experiences.

Web Content Management

Limelight Dynamic Site Platform contains significant enhancements to content workflow. In-context editing is provided through a new Website View, which allows users to update content through an editable version of the website and see their changes instantly. Publishing Packages make it easier to coordinate the publishing of multiple pieces of content by scheduling groups of assets to go live at the same time, and Historical Views of content enable users to publish multiple versions of the same content.

Website Marketing

This update introduces an account model into the Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) solution to allow marketers to track accounts, not just individuals. These enhanced visitor identification capabilities support current B2B selling best practices and provide more opportunities to deliver targeted content and personalized experiences. Additionally, WMA now offers the marketer the ability to easily set up rules to segment visitors based on their profile, demographic and firmographic information.

Mobile Site Publishing

With the growing importance of mobile website publishing, Limelight Dynamic Site Platform now includes tools to help users engage their visitors on mobile devices. Dynamic Site Platform creates a dynamic view of existing web content and services that is optimized for viewing by iOS, Android and other connected devices. Specifically, this technology detects a visitor's device and optimizes the view of the content and functions and images based on the device, screen size, ability and format support.

Website Express Solution

The updates to Dynamic Site Platform also add multilingual workflow and website management capabilities to the Website Express Solution, enabling users to efficiently engage with a global audience. This solution provides Limelight Dynamic Site Platform-powered websites in as little as thirty days and at a fraction of the cost of traditional WCM implementations.

These updated features are available immediately to all customers. For a complete list of new capabilities, or to see a demo, please visit

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