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Limelight Networks Extends SaaS Services for Asian Markets to Address Explosive Growth of Online and Mobile Content Delivery


TEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 16, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) today announced a broad expansion of its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to customers in both Japan and Korea. By augmenting its existing CDN presence in the region with a proven set of SaaS solutions for mobile delivery and rich content management, Limelight helps enterprise customers and media and entertainment companies enhance their online businesses and address the explosive growth of rich content on both web-based and mobile platforms. 

"Online content consumption is growing at a significant pace throughout Asia," commented Andrew Clark, Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales and Operations. "With the exponential growth of online and mobile video and continuing adoption of mobile devices, publishers and enterprises alike require the content management and delivery services to help them capitalize on these trends. Limelight's proven suite of site acceleration, video publishing, mobile and tablet distribution, and other SaaS-based solutions will empower existing and future customers throughout the region to readily enhance their online presences."

The specific Limelight solutions now being offered in Japan and Korea include the following:

Limelight Accelerate Family of Services

Limelight Accelerate combines industry-leading browser-based acceleration techniques with a robust global network platform to maximize Time to Action—the time it takes for visitors to first engage with content on online and mobile sites. Limelight Accelerate boosts website or application performance twofold to fivefold, helping businesses benefit from more time on site, reduced abandonment rates, increased page views and improved conversion rates.

Limelight Accelerate family of services includes:

Limelight Accelerate Commerce reduces incidents of consumer abandonment on E-commerce sites and streamlines the online shopping path as customers browse stores, learn about products and finalize their purchases at checkout. 

Limelight Accelerate Web Applications is a business-to-business solution targeted to improve the online web experience for distance learning portals, client extranet sites and/or customer service portals for employees, partners or members of the public to access information where it is desirable to get users to spend more time on sites and improve online business processes.

Limelight Accelerate Mobile speeds the delivery of web applications to mobile devices.

Limelight Accelerate Express is a standalone service that integrates with existing CDN or web acceleration service to improve Time to Action.

Limelight Reach Suite

With a combination of device detection, adaptive intelligence, and optimized delivery technologies, the Limelight Reach suite can target audiences everywhere, on every kind of connected platform. Limelight Reach services also offer unprecedented flexibility, with the ability to fit existing workflow for hosting and publishing content, as well as evaluating and reporting on audience analytics. The Limelight Universal URL even makes it easier to promote content across multiple devices. Users create one address for email, text message, and online and offline campaigns, and users get the best playback experience on the Internet – no matter how they choose to connect.

Limelight Reach Video

Publish once, and deliver a high-quality experience everywhere with our innovative service for encoding, formatting, and transporting content to connected devices of every kind.

Limelight Reach Ads

Extend monetization opportunities beyond the PC with our intelligent ad insertion service. Reach Ads supports pre-roll and post-roll video advertising in any environment — computer, mobile app, games, widgets, and more.

Limelight Reach Interactive

Tap the power and popularity of mobile apps. Reach Interactive delivers premium in-stream video ads, complete with tappable and clickable components that run on iOS and Android devices. It's never been easier to create, deploy, and monitor online campaigns – and gain valuable information about playback and user interaction.

Limelight Video Platform

Limelight Networks brings rich media to life, with flexible tools to help businesses publish, manage, analyze, and monetize high-quality video on the web. Limelight Video Platform enables users to manage their entire online video workflow or choose only the pieces they need to support the publishing process.

Limelight Video Platform starts as a simple video publishing tool, but quickly reveals its depth with sophisticated metadata management, seamless integration with your existing CMS, real-time analytics, in-video search, and full support for multiple publishing models including free, subscription, and ad-supported video.


The Limelight Accelerate family of products, Reach product suite and Limelight Video Platform are available immediately in both Japan and Korea. 

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