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Limelight Networks Announces Its Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile to Enable Publishers to More Effectively Create and Manage Mobile Web Presence


TEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) today introduced its Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, an innovative new service that enables publishers to create and manage their mobile web presence. By providing the ability to create mobile-specific sites and repurpose content for multiple devices, the solution ensures that content-rich sites are optimized for every device – regardless of screen size, processing power or bandwidth.

Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile is built on the company's cloud-based Dynamic Site Platform to integrate all web content management tasks – saving time and money while ensuring that publishers' brands are expressed consistently across all online platforms. Using industry-standard languages (XML, HTML, CSS and Javascript), it allows web designers to create mobile sites that leverage the content and features already built into corporate sites. The solution eliminates the need for a separate mobile CMS, further speeding time to market.

Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile features include:

  • Device detection – Analyzes incoming browser requests and automatically displays desktop, mobile or tablet formatted content
  • Shared content repository – Content is created once, and repurposed across multiple devices, regardless of format, design, look and feel
  • Flexible templates – Template logic can be rendered in any text format, with full control over the presentation layer (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • XML-based publishing – XML is the native content format of Dynamic Site Platform, allowing for fast and simple syndication of mobile content
  • Device-specific image re-size – Device detection and template-based re-sizing ensure optimal image weights, regardless of device
  • Single domain – Publish web and mobile sites at one URL that adapts to any device

Beyond publishing text and images, users of Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile can leverage the full suite of Limelight mobile delivery services to optimize and deliver mobile video, accelerate sites, and more readily monetize the online presence. 

"With more and more users going mobile, there's a growing expectation for the web browsing experience to be the same on small-screen devices as it is on the desktop," notes Jeff Freund, VP and General Manager, Web Content Management Group, Limelight Networks. "Unfortunately for publishers and enterprise marketers, not all mobile web browsers are the same – so the experiences are wildly inconsistent. Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile empowers companies to create a holistic mobile presence that is displayed as it should be – regardless of device. As a result, they can focus on content, rather than delivery, and reach mobile users with an optimized experience."

Gray Television Consolidates, Gains Control

Gray Television, which operates 36 network-affiliated television stations in 30 markets, consolidated the mobile and web presence of its stations using Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, after using a third-party vendor with mixed results.

According to Lisa Bishop, Gray Television's Vice President of Digital Media, gaining complete control over the stations' mobile content was a key consideration.

"Our old solution was working to some degree, but it didn't give us the level of control we desired," recalls Bishop.  "It's much easier on Dynamic Site Platform. We now have 100 percent control over look and feel, content, and development – and can make changes to adapt to news events that are timely or seasonal. Being able to publish all content in one place goes a long way – it's just more efficient. We know that when we publish content, it's getting published to the web, to mobile, and to our apps."  


Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile is available immediately as an add-on to Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, as well as a standalone service for users of the Limelight CDN, Limelight Reach, and Limelight Video Platform.

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