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Ripe Digital Entertainment Selects Limelight Networks CDN to Power RipeTV, OctaneTV and FlowTV Networks


TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Limelight Networks(R) (Nasdaq: LLNW), a leading content delivery network (CDN) for digital media, announced today that Ripe Digital Entertainment, a leader in video-on-demand digital entertainment distribution, advertising and production, has selected Limelight as the CDN for its three on-demand networks, RipeTV(R), OctaneTV and FlowTV. By utilizing Limelight's global content delivery network, Ripe Digital Entertainment (RDE) is able to provide its users with the highest quality experience for media and advertising content made available on Ripe's multi-platform distribution system.

RDE creates, produces and distributes digital entertainment and advertising content through its three unique networks geared towards young adult men. Reaching an audience of over 8 million unique viewers per month on broadband alone, RDE simultaneously leverages content distributed via cable On Demand, broadband and wireless platforms, as well as through multiple distribution partners.

Limelight Networks' global CDN ensures scalable, high performance content delivery and enables RDE viewers to access media files without issues inherent with standard Internet distribution. Limelight's robust network is designed for rich media objects and large audiences, and will not stall even when providing large files or during intense spikes in viewership. By increasing the speed at which videos can be accessed, viewers can spend more time watching videos and less time waiting for the media to queue up. Limelight's CDN reporting also helps RDE track and understand metrics and measurement of audience viewership and content delivery.

"By engaging Limelight Networks as our CDN, we are able to provide video files four times larger and with better picture quality than we were previously capable of offering," said Ryan Magnussen, chief executive officer of Ripe Digital Entertainment. "This translates into real business value for us, as we're now able to attract even more viewers with our improved user experience and provide our advertisers with an accurate snapshot of how their messages are speaking to the vibrant, young audience they want to reach."

"Ripe Digital Entertainment's core audience is made up of a tech-savvy generation of users with high expectations for a rich, interactive media experience on the Internet," said Dave Hatfield, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing of Limelight Networks. "Limelight's CDN scalability and reporting capabilities allow us to provide RDE complete flexibility in delivering their content and help keep them on track to achieving their business and entertainment goals."

About Ripe Digital Entertainment (RDE)

A leader in on-demand digital entertainment and the first to develop a multi-platform video network, Ripe Digital Entertainment ( aggregates and produces short-form programming targeted to young adult audiences with simultaneous distribution over cable, broadband and wireless platforms. Since introducing RipeTV(R) in 2005, RDE has launched two additional networks, OctaneTV and FlowTV, with content available on over 100 million television, computer and mobile screens nationwide. RDE pioneered Connective Advertising(R) to give marketers and viewers an enhanced video experience across all platforms. RDE networks can be found on Time Warner and Comcast OnDemand and online at, and

About Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is a high-performance content delivery network for digital media, providing massively scalable, global delivery solutions for on-demand and live Internet distribution of video, music, games, software and social media. Limelight Networks' infrastructure is optimized for the large object sizes, large content libraries, and large audiences associated with compelling rich media content. Limelight is the content delivery network of choice for over 1,000 companies, including many of the world's top Internet, media and entertainment companies, including Microsoft Xbox Live, Sony Playstation 3, Akimbo, Amazon Unbox(TM), Belo Interactive, Brightcove, "BuyMusic" @, DreamWorks, LLC, Facebook,, IFILM, ITV Play,, NC Interactive and Valve. For more information, visit

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