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Limelight Networks Announces Industry-Leading Infrastructure and Services for Adobe Flash Player Video Media Delivery


TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) today announced the latest version of its global Adobe(R) Flash(R) Media content delivery infrastructure and services. Built on Adobe Flash Media Server and Limelight's global content delivery network (CDN), Limelight's Flash Media Server CDN infrastructure incorporates numerous technical advances and industry firsts, including:

    --  Adobe Flash Media Server Live Streaming is now generally available to
        customers without restrictions.  Limelight is the first CDN to move
        its Flash Live Streaming service based on Adobe Flash Media Server
        from limited release, or "beta" stage, to generally available
        production service.  Live streaming for Adobe Flash Player video
        combines the workflow between Adobe's industry-leading cross-platform
        development tools combined with the ubiquitous Adobe Flash(R) Player
        providing the ability to offer live media services such as concerts,
        live television, breaking news events and Internet radio.  Supported
        by Limelight's true edge-origin architecture, global deployment of
        Adobe Flash Media Server edge servers, and global network
        infrastructure, Limelight's Flash Live Streaming service offers the
        highest level of performance and lowest level of packet loss in
        the industry.

    --  Limelight is the first CDN in the industry to implement Adobe Flash
        Media Server in true edge-origin CDN architecture.  Edge-origin
        architecture separates edge server functions from origin server
        functions, incorporates support for tiered library management,
        improves network performance and scalability, increases storage
        efficiency, and provides architectural and implementation flexibility
        to customers.  Edge-origin architecture contrasts with typical Adobe
        Flash Media Server implementations where each server acts as a
        separate origin connected to local storage arrays.

    --  Limelight is the first CDN to deploy Adobe Flash Media Server edge
        servers at every CDN location worldwide.  This deployment provides
        Limelight's customers with true edge delivery on a global scale from
        the same network footprint as other formats, such as HTTP and Windows
        Media.  Delivery from every global edge location throughout North
        America, Europe, and Asia assures customers the best possible
        performance, scalability, and reliability of on-demand and live Flash
        media streaming.

    --  Limelight is the first and only CDN to support standard web servers as
        origin servers for Adobe Flash Media Server content. Customers can now
        use any standard web server to host on-demand Flash streaming content
        in conjunction with Limelight Adobe Flash Media Server edge delivery.
        Customer origin servers connect to the Limelight network over the
        Internet via HTTP, just as other customer origin servers, such as
        those serving HTTP and Windows Media content, do.  No special software
        is required -- any standard HTTP server is supported.  Limelight will
        continue to offer Limelight origin services for Adobe Flash Media
        Server customers, but customers will now have more choice and greater
        content management flexibility.

"Limelight is an established provider of distributed Internet delivery of video and many of our customers rely on their global content delivery network to deploy Flash Player compatible video," said Bill Rusitzky, director for global media alliances at Adobe. "Adobe and Limelight share the vision of bringing high-quality seamless video to the Internet and we're excited about the innovation Limelight consistently delivers to the streaming marketplace."

"Adobe Flash technology is a leading format among our media savvy customers and partners," said David Hatfield, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Limelight Networks. "With the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player combined with enhanced scalability and performance in the Adobe Flash Media Server, we are fully committed to partnering with Adobe to deliver highly reliable, broadcast quality consumer experiences over the Internet."

"As a customer of both Adobe and Limelight, I am thrilled to see this level of collaboration," said Jeremy Allaire, CEO, Brightcove. "The performance and scalability of this combination gives us great confidence that we have the best infrastructure to support our global audience of consumers, publishers and on-line video advertisers."

About Limelight Networks Limelight Networks is a high-performance content delivery network for digital media, providing massively scalable, global delivery solutions for on-demand and live Internet distribution of video, music, games and social media. Limelight Networks' infrastructure is optimized for the large object sizes, large content libraries, and large audiences associated with compelling rich media content. Limelight is the content delivery network of choice for more than 850 of the world's top media companies, including Akimbo, Amazon Unbox(TM), Belo Interactive, Brightcove, "BuyMusic" @, DreamWorks, LLC, Facebook,, IFILM, ITV Play,, MySpace, NC Interactive, Valve and Xbox Live. For more information, visit

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